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We planted our first pecan trees in 1996 in an old soybean field.  We purchased the farm in 1989 and initially leased out the cleared land for farming.   We have planted new trees and continued to expand slowly nearly every year since the first planting.


The orchard can be a place of hard work but it is always a place of beauty and peace, the specter of a hurricane being the only exception.  During the long growing season it is a kaleidoscope of ephemeral greens from the orchard floor to the tops of each tree.  It is alive with buzzing insects (mostly beneficial) and birds that police the landscape.


What started as a hobby has become a business with many different cultivars including Desirable, Stuarts, Caddo, Kanza, Pawnee, Cape Fear, Sumner, Gloria Grande, Oconee, Excel, Lakota, and Mandan.

Farm Photos

Budding Pecan tree in the spring cover crop of wheat and rye.

Loading fresh pecans out of orchard.

Troy Haithcock in charge of the tree nursery. 

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